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The official information for the Dickie Scramble:

We’re back for 2020!

Date: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Start Time: 10:00am

Start Location: JJ Tailgaters, 30 Main St W, Elgin, MN 55932

Ride Length: Approximately 75 miles

Files:    To be posted

Registration is on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/412943566267030/) or by emailing Drew@Cyclocarbon.com

Please bring a pot luck item to share at the checkpoint – something you’d like to eat (or drink!) 45 or 50 miles into your ride. JJ Tailgaters will be ready to serve great food at the finish line.

Registration is open and runs until 9:45 am Saturday.  RSVP by email via drew@cyclocarbon.com or on facebook if possible.  I use the numbers to help JJ Tailgators to know what to expect and to improve the event for everyone.  I will let anyone ride who shows up day of (up to 15 minutes before the start) but an RSVP ASAP is preferable.

Do not park on Main Street!  We have permission to use three parking lots within the city thanks to the schools.  See the map below (want a copy?).  I won’t police this but everyone in Elgin has been great to us and it would be a shame to do anything to change that.  Elgin is a small place and riding from a lot to check-in will be a good way to make sure your bike is ready to go.

Sign in is behind JJ Tailgators between 7:30 and 8:45 am.  You will also drop off your potluck items at check-in–  look for my Toyota Sequoia.  If you need cue cards be sure you’ve printed your own.  Any cues  to be found at check-in will be extremely limited.


We will congregate in front of JJ Tailgators on Main St. at 8:55 for a brief pep talk and roll-out at 10 am.  The first two miles or so are a neutral rollout and we will stop and recollect out on the gravel.


Throughout this ride you are responsible for  yourself.  No one is going to come get you.  Ride safely and within your limits.  Bring anything you think you will need.  Do not assume what will be around the next corner.  Cars, trucks, ATVs, cattle, and dogs (and even a pet pig) all share these roads.  Follow the law, don’t pee in someone’s yard etc.,


There is a checkpoint at the halfway point.  It is potluck style.  I have made arrangements to have several gallons of water at the ready.  Anything else that will be there is up to the you, the riders.  Bring something you might want 48 miles into a ride, enough for you and a few friends.  If you bring something gluten free or vegan etc., please mark it as such so other’s with the same needs can take advantage.  I expect a great many of you to show up this year.  Shoot for 400-800 calories total.  (We will run out of space if everyone brings food for 20 people.)   If you for some reason do not want to take your chances with the potluck or need a real toilet there is a gas station in Elba.  It is about 3 miles after the checkpoint and right on the course.  I stop there all the time and it is well stocked (try a Spring Grove Soda Pop).


 If you want to finish the course faster than your friend, that will be determined at the top of the last hill on 75th St.  The finish line will be marked clearly.  You will know where it is.  Someone will be at the finish for the first 20-30 racers.  At some point we will move the finish to JJ Tailgators.  Please make a point to check in when you finish.  This is the biggest thing you can do to help things to run smoothly.


After you finish buy some food and hang out with the great people you rode with.  JJ Tailgators is expecting us and have plenty of room.  I’m thankful for how accomodating they have been, without them this would not be happening.  I have ridden the course many times.  I expect finishing times anywhere from 4.5 to roughly 10 hours.


Photos of past events have been graciously provided by Todd Bauer of TMB Images, and you can find the 2015 images here http://tmbimages.com/Cycling/Gravel/2015/2015-04-25-Dickie-Scramble , as well as the 2016 images here: http://tmbimages.com/Cycling/Gravel/2016/20160423-Dickie-Scramble