About Us

Cyclocarbon grew out of the desire to repair bikes to a high level of quality at a reasonable cost, effectively keeping them out of the landfills. We all ride hard on what we repair across road, cyclocross, fatbike, and cross country disciplines.  

Started by Drew Wilson in 2013, Cyclocarbon has grown to include a small team at two locations, Southeast Minnesota and Upper Michigan.

Meet the Team

Drew Wilson

Owner, Engineer, Painter

Drew is the owner, head repair engineer, and primary painter of all custom paint work. If you need a color matched to make the repair to your bike look like brand new, he's your guy. And If you're looking for a custom frame, he can turn your desires into the perfect frame geometry.

Outside the shop, you may find him coaching his daughters' hockey teams, or enjoying a run, a ride, or a round of disc golf.

John Krolak of Cyclocarbon

John Krolak

Head Repair Tech, Mechanic, Minnesota Shop

Also a veteran bike mechanic, John can disassemble and reassemble your bike in no time. But what you're more likely to find him doing is repairing and stress testing the repairs on your bike. Or, if you're getting custom paint: hand sanding, so much hand sanding. When not in the shop, you can catch him chasing his dog Mako or practicing his latest skateboard trick in our driveway.

Sheryl Wilson

Customer Service, General Manager of the Minnesota Shop

You'll likely talk to Sheryl at some point during your repair or paint project. She'll coordinate getting your bike back to you in perfect fashion. When she's not here keeping us all organized, you may catch her enjoying a round of golf, hiking, or skiing. She's also Drew's mom.

Kim Wilson

Everything Else

A software engineer by day, Kim helps with accounting and payroll, and any other administrative tasks that need attention. You can blame her for any website glitches. She's also Drew's wife. Outside of the office, you'll find her gardening and trying to keep the kids entertained outdoors. And maybe creating a mosaic sculpture, if there's time.

The Kids

Daily Entertainment

They're often found riding their bikes and scooters in our driveway, but they also help out when we can keep their attention. Need an opinion on your chosen paint color? They've got it. These two have become masters at "weeding" vinyl (picking the centers out of all the little letters in the paint mask vinyl) we use when painting logos on your bike.