Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair take?

Repairs are generally completed within 7-10 days from their arrival.  This can depend on the amount of paint restoration being completed after the repair, but we know many of you are eager to race and ride, so we like to keep repairs moving through our shop pretty quickly!  

How long will my paint project take?

This really depends on the complexity of the paint job, but in general, simpler paint projects are completed between 2-3 weeks, and more complex paint projects can be 6 weeks.  We can give you a much more accurate time estimate based on our capacity when you send your bike to us.

Do I need to take the components off my frame?

We do prefer your frame be fully stripped of components for any repair or paint work.  This helps keep shipping costs down, and helps us efficiently move the bike around for repair/paint.  BUT, on most repairs, the bottom bracket can be left in. And if you have internal routing or hydraulics, we know they can be a pain to reassemble, so you can leave those on too (just tape anything loose to the frame so it is secure).  


We aren’t trying to compete with local bike shops, so we prefer you have your local bike shop assemble and disassemble your bike. However, if they are not available to help take the components of your bike and you prefer to ship or drop off your complete bike for us to disassemble/assemble, we can do that!  We staff accredited bike mechanics at each shop, and will charge a standard bike shop rate.

Can you repair my fork?

Sorry, we do not make structural repairs on forks!  (Not that we can’t…it’s just that the liability risk, and the cost of the repair approaching that of a new fork, means we do not offer it as a service).  

Can you repair my wheel?

It depends.  If the repair affects a braking surface, or the bead for a clincher, it is not something we repair.  But we do make plenty of repairs on fatbike rims and other wheels!  These are discounted so the repair cost makes sense to keep the wheel in use rather than being thrown away…which basically means we don’t do any cosmetic finishes on wheels other than the basic clear coat to protect the repair area. 

What colors do you have for paint?

All of them!  We mix our paint colors in house so we can match any color.  Bring us a sample of something you like for us to match, or browse for some samples of additives we use.  We can do pearls, candies, chameleons, chrome, gold leaf…you name it!  

Do you strip the paint off my bike before repainting it?

We do!  We strip the majority of the existing paint off.  With carbon bikes, we strip all frames by hand.  Steel bikes get sand blasted.  

Can I put paint protectors on my bike after you paint it?

You can, but we do not recommend paint protectors.  If you do plan to put them on your bicycle, please wait as long as possible to allow the clear coat to cure and harden. 

We follow automotive industry standards when it comes to paint, so we do not cover damage to paint caused by removing paint protectors under any warranty (though we can fix it — ask us for a quote!).