Carbon Fiber Repair, and more

Our goal is to repair carbon bikes to a high level of quality at a reasonable cost. It is important to us to keep bikes, and riders, on the roads and trails.

We can repair anything from minor cracks to large sections of missing carbon. Our process is consistent with the industry’s best practices and produces seamless repairs with great strength. All of our frame repairs have a lifetime warranty.

In addition to great repairs, we specialize in bicycle paint restoration. If you’d like your repair to look like new when it’s complete, we’re the shop most people turn to. If you’d like your bike to be an entirely new color, we mix our paints in-house and can paint your bike in any color scheme you can imagine. Check out our facebook photos for latest examples of our paint work.

We can also complete a wide array of custom work – just ask! Examples include DI2 conversions, disc brake conversions, and single-speed conversions.  Or a complete custom frame!  

Our carbon repair is not limited to bicycle frames and wheels – we’ve also repaired hockey equipment, car hoods, windsurfing booms and boards, and more.

Send us your ideas and/or ask us for suggestions about what you would like to get done by requesting a quote.