Shipping Info

Typically we can get a bike frame shipped anywhere in the continental US for under $50. The weight of the box doesn’t matter as much as the size – the smaller the better!  Keep in mind that a box over 130 inches (combined length and girth) will incur oversize charges with most shipping services.

Shipping to Us

If you’re in the midwest, SpeeDee is the best option.  You can call them for a pickup, and 1-2 day service typically costs under $25.  Otherwise we recommend (UPS).

All we need is your name on the box so we can match what arrives to your estimate. (And if we haven’t already chatted about your repair/paint, please include your contact information).  All repairs should be shipped to our Rochester, MN location unless we specify otherwise.  Here are the addresses for shipping:

*All items should be shipped to our Minnesota location at this time

Minnesota Location:

402 80th St SE
Rochester, MN 55904

(651) 370-8377

Michigan Location:

56720 Station Drive
Calumet, MI 49913

(651) 370-8377

Return Shipping

If you’re shipping your frame to us via Bikeflights, it would be helpful to create a return label at the same time.  We send your bike back in the exact box/packing it arrived with so the weight/dimensions will not change.  You can schedule it for a week after your bike is estimated to arrive, and you do not need to schedule a pickup.  If you’re using SpeeDee, no worries, we’ll just ship it back and add the shipping amount to your total.